Pharma-K Distribuitor

Specialized to assist corporations. Our main clients are hospitals, the public sector, municipalities, clinics, drugstores, and many more. We nationally do our best with safety and agility.

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Pharma-K Delivery

We facilitate access to all registered medicines in Brazil with fast and safe deliveries and validated packages for both: thermolabile and room temperature products.
The Pharma-K Delivery team is highly trained and is compromised with the mission to bring you the safety and the quality that you expect from your order.

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Pharma-K Imported Medicines Assistance

Specialized to assist both personal and corporation as the public sector, municipalities, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories and many more to purchase high complexity and orphan drugs. These medicines are available worldwide, but they are not registered on Ministério da Saúde, which is a Brazilian entity from the Government that takes care of all matters that are related with Health in the country. So, all customers need administrative and customs assistance to safely get their medicines.
We're always thinking about our patients, so we seek the best costs and quality with our partners all over the World to be able to bring our patients a fair price and reliability.

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Who we are

The Pharma-K Group is the result of high-quality professionals' effort, which are strongly compromised with their clients. Dealing width high complexity diseases is way simpler and more comfortable when people can count on a fast, safe and convenient service of medicine purchase. And this is our main goal: to facilitate life for the ones who need it most.

Our team of experts is composed by experienced professionals, that came from the best pharmaceutical industries and from the main drug distribuitors in Brazil. So our principles are not only ethics, but they're strongly supported in solid medical opinions.

Our portfolio is filled with the best brands and the best quality. Always striving for excellence, we maintain a good relationship with the biggest companies on the market, we support scientific partnerships with patient organizations and above all, we always work with social responsibility.

That's why it's so important to us to meet the requirements of the ethic codes and the Compliance requirements of the main Compliance regulators of the pharmaceutical field. This way we ensure even more the security and respect with our customers - which are our greatest values.

Welcome to Pharma-K.
Your well-being is so important to us.


The company started in the U.S. in 2017 in Washington DC. Strategically located close to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) headquarters, looking for being regulated and oriented by one of the most important regulatory companies in the World. 2019 started with new plans and projects. The first one was to bring our headquarters to Boston, the city that has the biggest pharmaceutical pole of all North America. With more than 100 pharmaceutical companies only in Cambridge and Kendall Square region!
We'll keep moving forward with our commercial and humanitarian strategies in a new place, in the city where the best companies call it home.
We're sure that joining our services quality and the proximity to new therapies we can help to increase the life quality and expectancy of our patients.


Pharma-K Global Import & Export | Phone +1 (781) 608-7985 | E-MAIL:
27 Cambridge Street - Office: Lincoln Knoll Lane - Burlington - MA - Zip code: 01803-4613